How to cope when your work friend leaves

If you’ve worked somewhere for a while, the chances are there is one person you’ve grown close to. From sharing the coffee run to a chat over lunch, many of us have a colleague who has become more of a friend than just a coworker.

And the friendship may go further than sharing a bottle of wine after work, too. Having someone to confide in who can provide advice and support is important and can make the daily grind so much easier.

It’s rare for people to stay at one company for the duration of their working lives, however. So what do you do if your work friend tells you they are handing in their resignation?

“We all have them and we all feel better for them, yet workplace friendships are often not taken particularly seriously. Frequently kept under the radar or seen as just a nice thing to have, very few people talk about the importance of these relationships,” says psychologist Stuart Duff, head of development at business psychologists Pearn Kandola.

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