How to measure LGBT+ inclusivity in the workplace

An inclusive workplace culture is one that effectively incorporates differences without eliminating them, and in which people flourish individually and unite as a high-performing team. It’s the magic ingredient that allows employees to thrive and grow within their roles.

Many of the organisations that recognise the value of workplace inclusivity will look to implement inclusive policies and provide training for their employees. However, one of the challenges they then come up against is how to measure the effectiveness of this and track the progress within their team.

In order to measure inclusivity, employers need to gather the right data. However, this can be difficult to come by, particularly when they start to delve deeper into the individual demographics that make up their workplace. This is particularly true for groups who are traditionally under-represented in the workplace, such as LGBT+ employees.

Yet, understanding the experiences of under-represented communities is essential for inclusive workplaces, as it highlights any strengths and blind spots of the organisation. Without it, there’s simply no way that they’ll be able to recognise the true extent of their workplace inclusivity…

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