Let’s tackle racism in the workplace at source

Racism is embedded deep in our society, which is why tackling it effectively means going beyond tweaking recruitment. This means recognising cumulative bias from early education onwards, writes Nic Hammarling.

The vast majority of us would like to think that racism no longer has a place in our society.

It’s certainly true that overt, explicit forms of racism are now significantly less common than they once were. However, racism is far from a thing of the past. Instead, it has evolved to survive in more subtle forms, going largely unopposed, sometimes unrecognised, but very much still present.

We are starting to open our eyes to this change. Whether it be John Barnes speaking about the severe shortage of managerial opportunities for black footballers or a pair of black ballerinas joining Stormzy on Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage to illustrate the discrimination that black dancers have historically faced, we are gradually becoming more aware of the existence of modern racism.

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